My Creative Process

You can email me at to let me know about your interest. I’d like to have these following information available in your first email so I would know exactly what you need right away.

I’d like you to know that filling out the form or sending me an email about it is FREE OF CHARGE. Hence, no strings attached for both parties in finding out if we can both work together or not.

1: Your Name

2: Description of the Project you want me to work on

3: Preferred Start Date & End Date

OR Book a Call w/ Me

CLICK HERE to Book a Call w/ ME

Service Booking:

Christine Bacus

Graphic Designer/Virtual Assistant

Davao, Philippines

You can also reach me through Whatsapp at: +639213727370


Before the start of any project, I’d like to have the Contract signed and the downpayment sent.

The Contract states everything that is guaranteed to be fair for both parties, hence the Client and me, the Designer/Virtual Assistant.

As for payments, under any project, I will provide you the price/package price, because design work will always depend on the workload. To name a few, I need to consider how complicated the design is, how many hours would it take me to finish, how many revisions will be needed at most, resources that I will be using.

But, to know the exact price for the project you want done, you need to contact me and give me more details about the project. The more detailed, the better.

Once everything is set, we can start our journey together.

Thank you and hoping to work with you! :)

All Works by @Kring Designs unless otherwise stated

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